A once in a life time experience

We are more than simply a yacht charter broker, we fully manage each of the five superyachts currently in our Fleet, ensuring every single detail is looked after by our team of experts and that your charter holiday is a once in a life time experience.

The perfect yacht charter represents a truly unforgettable experience with every detail customised to meet your wishes.

We offer:

  • Wide-ranging advice covering cruising itineraries and destinations, yacht selection and market pricing.
  • Blissful family holidays with activities and accessories to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Cultural breaks that indulge in the elegance of the superyacht world.
  • Non-stop, action filled, party vacations with friends.
  • Support from initial enquiries right through to charter completion. APA management, contract selection and completion are easy because we manage everything for you.


A truly unforgettable experience

PV Lauren L

90m - 36 Guests - 40 Crew

MY Trident

65m - 12 Guests - 15 Crew

MY Mercury

50m - 12 Guests - 12 Crew

MY Sirocco

47m - 12 Guests - 9 Crew

MY Kijo

44m - 12 Guests - 8 Crew

MY 7 Zero

22m - 6 Guests - 2 Crew

Other Yachts Available to Charter Through Expersea Superyachts

The following yachts are also available to charter through Expersea Superyachts.

Click through for more information about each yacht and to make a booking enquiry.

MY Alexia

From € 55000 per week

MY Artisan

From € 645000 per week

MY Chakra

From € 495000 per week

MY Dragon

From € 105000 per week


From € 90000 per week

MY Element

From € 120000 per week

MY Endless Summer

From € 120000 per week

MY Fantasea

From € 300000 per week

MY Flor

From € 55000 per week

MY La Digue

From € 50000 per week

MY Lioness V

From € 380000 per week

MY Loana

From € 79000 per week

MY Luisa

From € 150000 per week

MY Mercury

From € 170000 per week

MY Millesime

From € 110000 per week

MY Moka

From € 235000 per week

MY Moonraker

From € per week


From € 95000 per week

MY Pathos

From € 130000 per week

MY Persistence

From € 140000 per week

MY Rare Diamond

From € 80000 per week

MY Rini V

From € 88000 per week

MY Serenity

From € 550000 per week

MY Sirocco

From € 195000 per week

MY Trident

From € 500000 per week

MY Triumph

From € 650000 per week

MY White Knight

From € 105000 per week

MY XO Of The Seas

From € 43000 per week

SY Tamarita

From € 100000 per week


Total control of making your charter dreams come true

Why charter with Expersea Yacht Management


Expersea director Nick Sevier is an experienced superyacht captain. All yachts in our charter fleet are fully managed by us, meaning we are in total control of making your charter dreams come true. 100% adaptable, we run an exclusive service delivering a personal, once in a lifetime experience for every guest. Our staff at every level of the team are experts in their field, and we work closely with the crew of each of our luxury yachts. Expersea Superyachts will maintain and exceed your 7* expectations from initial enquiry through to the grand finale of your ultimate superyacht charter.


The level of service our management team and onboard crew provides is beyond compare. We are a dedicated, multi-lingual team based in the South of France who understands every aspect of operating a blissful charter. On shore and at sea we will work day and night to deliver your wildest dreams. We treat our staff with great respect, we value each individual and it shows in the quality of their work. Running our own yacht training school, you can be reassured that everyone in our team has the latest training and qualifications needed to support a flawless charter experience.

Cocktails on the sun deck of a superyacht
main saloon of a luxury superyacht


If you haven’t chartered before, never fear, we will take care of you! We can walk you through how it all works, tell you all of your options and provide you with an amazing experience you’ll never forget. If you’re still not sure, take a look below at some of the testimonials from previous customers to receive ultimate reassurance. Be part of the Expersea family and relax. We will make sure choosing and planning your dream vacation will be as easy as slipping into the superyacht lifestyle once you are on board.


Visit our Experience page to indulge in what you can expect during your Expersea Charter. Be inspired and share your wishes with us. We are here to make them happen.

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We strive to provide the best support, contact us with your questions.

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